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Newborn and Family Photography

When a newborn baby is born, it is an important time for the whole family. Older relationships change, to make way for the new little person joining the gang, and new ones are forged. It is a time for bonding as well as for celebrating. That is why, to me, newborn and family photography is so valuable; it helps to welcome the newborn to the family in a beautiful and symbolic way, as well as providing a form of celebration; baby’s first day out and a time for everyone to take a breath and enjoy the experience of having a newborn in the family. Baby’s are only this tiny for a matter of weeks, and before you know it, they are smiling, rolling and sitting up. The time to record their arrival into the world is short and sweet but so very worth it! Baby Jaxson’s newborn photography session was all about family. As the youngest of (now) four children, it was important to his parents to commemorate his arrival in photographs with each of his older siblings; who were each equally as besotted with him. And in turn, it turned out, Jaxson was at his most content whilst in the arms of his family. He did not like being put down at all! One of my favourite photographs from this newborn session, is the shot of Jaxson in the arms of his oldest sister – both wide eyed and serious! A great memento of the beginning of their relationship. When the time came for parent shots, I noticed that dad had some new tattoos, including his new baby boy’s name inked on his arm, so we decided to showcase those too, to make these newborn and family photographs truly unique. newborn and family photography Sydney This whole family was ridiculously good looking, and a joy to photograph, but when you see how fresh and happy Jaxson’s mum was, mere days after giving birth, it makes you wonder what her secret is! I’m guessing it is pure love and contentment; that her baby boy is finally here and the family is connected and complete. Osborn family, thank you so much for choosing me to be Jaxson’s very first baby photographer. It was a pleasure meeting you all! Enjoy every second with your precious baby. xx black and white newborn photography Sydney newborn baby photography Sydney newborn photographs Sydney To find out more about newborn photography, visit: Or if you are expecting your own new baby to join your family, and are thinking about having newborn and family photographs taken, maybe you could become a Rebecca Bowman Photography VIP for your chance to win a free session plus lots of other bonuses throughout the year!
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