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I'm Rebecca (or Bec!)

I'm a maternity, baby and family photographer,
"baby whisperer" and mum of three busy boys!

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I have been called many things in my life; ‘Lawyer’, ‘Photographer’, ‘Mum’, ‘Baby-Whisperer’, ‘Organiser’ and ‘Perfectionist’ to name just a few. To find out more, read on…

I have literally spent my entire life around babies and children.

I have TEN siblings. (People usually do a double take when I tell them that, hence the capital letters!) I am the second eldest and the first girl, so I was born to look after everyone! I knew how to support a baby’s head properly before I started school, and by the time I was 17, I could calm a screaming baby in no time flat!

I am a Virgo, so very much the perfectionist; teeny tiny details never escape my notice – this is a blessing and a curse! Good for the people around me, who I love to care for, but not so great for the creative in me, who can never settle for second best!

What I realised when I became a mum and back in a place where creativity was all around, and everything seemed fresh and new, was that being creative can be more than just a hobby. Instead it can be used as a way of recording life, telling stories and making the ordinary seem extraordinary.

Life is always changing; who we are, what we do, what our purpose is…

It is a constant evolution; separated by time, but intrinsically linked to everything that came before. 

My life as a girl, career woman, wife, mother and photographer has been through so many phases and iterations, all with the same intended destination; to feel whole. 

I find solace and joy in photographs; paying attention to the subtleties that can lead us straight back to the turning points in our lives and the biggest emotions. 

I now understand that it is human nature to seek out the things that make us feel good, and it is definitely ok to be proud of who we have become and what we have learnt, created and collected along the way. 

I find it easier to live a more fulfilled life, with gratitude and hope when I purposefully surround myself with my most beloved, beautiful treasures; in my case, my photographs. These glorious, priceless pieces of paper keep my stories alive and form a continuous part of the subtext moving forward.

I believe that beauty is all around us; sometimes it is easy to see and other times it is secreted away in the tiniest of details waiting to be uncovered. Either way, photographs make artworks out of the everyday. They tell our family stories and keep them safe. 

I have chosen to be a photographer because to me, photos are the only dependable way to hold on to all of the parts that make us complete. 

My love of photography is really my ‘superpower’. Through my work I get the chance to touch other people’s lives and help to tell the stories that will one day become a family’s legacy, in a way that transcends time,  trends and technology. 

My approach to photography is not something that can be taught or replicated. It comes from a lifetime of experience dealing with countless people and their idiosyncrasies.

Great photographs don’t happen automatically. They are created over time, as a result of the relationships I build with my clients, the stories they tell and the trust they place in me. The rest comes down to instinct, confidence and good lighting!

The ‘first draft’ of my business happened in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK in 2011. I had just had my second baby, and one day while taking a shower (why do all the best decisions happen in the shower?!) it dawned on me what I wanted to do for the rest of my life…

So I threw myself into learning everything I could about photography, business and how to balance life as a working mum. I focussed on natural light, lifestyle photography with a particular interest in family photography, and I loved it!

Soon after, life got crazy when the opportunity of a lifetime, to relocate to Sydney, Australia came along.

When the time came to re-launch my business in Sydney, I noticed that an exciting new genre was beginning to emerge in the market, with the growth of newborn photography. This seemed like the perfect match for me; being able to combine my love of photography with my affinity for newborns and babies, and I have never looked back.

My business is fully registered and insured.

My beautiful, custom -designed newborn photography studio is conveniently located in Frenchs Forest, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Just a short 30 minute drive from Sydney CBD.

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Rebecca Bowman Photography is a boutique portrait studio located in Frenchs Forest, on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, Australia.

Specialising in custom maternity, newborn, baby, children and family pictures.

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