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We are a bespoke

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photography service

based on the

beautiful Northern Beaches

of Sydney, Australia.

Rebecca Bowman


We offer a highly personalised, collaborative and customised experience. We believe that beautifully crafted photography is not just about the final artwork, but about the experience that our clients have from start to finish.

We consider every detail, from understanding our client’s unique requirements to creating the perfect calm haven for your photographic experience. We are creative in our approach to photography, providing one-of-a-kind artworks for our clients to treasure.

A Note From Rebecca:

When a client walks into my studio with their new babe in arms, there is a tenderness and wonderment that surrounds them. There is sheer love, of course, and a slight sense of disbelief that something to special and perfect could be part of their world. And, as I start to photograph their beautiful baby, they can’t tear their eyes away for a second. This is the part that I love witnessing – that reverence for new life and that instant connectedness between new families.

Before becoming a photographer, I worked as a family solicitor; drawn to helping families. Photography has always been a deep passion of mine, and when I had my first son (the first of three funny, busy boys), photography became something that I felt inspired to do every day.

And now, every day, I have the happy privilege of capturing those special, tender moments and celebrating the beauty of new babies and growing families. I love getting to know my clients, understanding their very unique situation and requirements and creating something bespoke for them. For me, photography is in essence about helping families, by creating a powerful connection to memory, strengthening the sense of family connectedness and the child’s sense of self.

To me, beautiful photography goes beyond just capturing what the moment looks like. It captures the feeling and the emotion that can barely be described. It is my privilege to capture these moments.

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Rebecca Bowman Photography is a boutique portrait studio located in Frenchs Forest, on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches, Australia.

Specialising in custom maternity, newborn, baby, children and family pictures.